Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Monitor Saves Lives

Apple’s smartwatch has the ability to measure wearer’s heart rate throughout the day. For most of us, this sounds like a cool feature but we do not think about its potential to save lives.


Stories are popping up all around the country of people whose lives were saved by their Apple Watch continuously tracking their heart rate.

NBC New York reported William Monzideli’s Apple Watch messaged him to seek medical attention after it alerted him of an abnormally high heart rate which ultimately saved his life. He had an ulcer that had ruptured and without his Apple Watch’s early detection, William could have lost his life.

This is just one story of the powerful effects that smartwatches can have on people’s lives. We often think of these tools as fun gadgets but don’t be fooled and underestimate the potential impact. We guarantee you, William and his family were grateful for the early detection and their lives are more positive with William still in it.


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