Pod Notes on Episode 28: Serendipity of Velocity & Momentum

Serendipity of Velocity & Momentum

And the Contextual Meeting of Minds

“If you can understand that: When you think of something in a certain way, you bring to bear the vibration of that thought on the thing you see … Your perceptions, you see are informing the vibration not only of your relationship to your own thought, but upon the thing itself” – Paul Selig, The Book of Mastery, pg. 169

Think on these things:

A mentorship relationship is forming with you and another person you are purposely conversing with to absorb as much of their inspiration that you may.  

You are looking to build the strength of your Self with the energy of the words you exchange with this person.  Her business is to find your light and help you grow it and make it shine to the tune of your biggest dreams.

And you are filled with velocity and momentum in the energies of the mind’s tides.

And when you’re Karl Stedman, guess it’s time to create a serendipitous podcast.

Photo by Rhett Wesley

Photo by Rhett Wesley

In Episode 28 TVTY cast host, Karl Stedman, takes our listeners into the Zen of inspiration that is our podcast guest, CEO of inStrategy at https://thinkinstrategy.com, Rosemary Singh.  

In Karl’s words to Rosemary,

“The reason why I brought you on this podcast was completely random … I wanted to bring you on to share these ideas, because personally they’ve profoundly impacted my life. And the reason why you do what you do is to impact as many people as possible, that’s why you work with CEOs, because of the trickle-down effect—that’s why I brought you on the podcast today.”

Within the 60 minutes of this impromptu recording we discover the avenues of interests, hands-on learning, instructional, intellectual, scientific, mathematical and sociological, philosophical work that have molded Rosemary Singh into the leadership coach that she is.

“I am very eclectic.  I decided that if I got classically trained in the sciences, which is where you develop a theory around something … I decided if I can do that with chemicals and concepts, I could also do that with a human being.  And I took on looking at what motivates people and why do they behave the way they behave. And I started developing some theories, and then I started testing them out, and then I found out, ‘Holy crap! Well, I’m pretty accurate.’  I subsequently found out, there’s a lot of stuff in psychology –that caught up to me a little bit around some of this stuff—but it really was around, ‘how do people operate, and what gets in their way’? And there’s a word I like to use today that a lot of people have trouble with, and it’s called “context”.  Context is the filter by which we interpret everything that happens: Good, bad ugly…I’m a loser; I’m a winner…and so that’s kind of where I start in teaching people”.

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

To comprehend the context is to know the background of the circumstances, the setting, the environment … when you know the particulars of the context, you may then understand the content that is being defined. And given the time and place of the context, the content is either viable or not viable.  Perception is context.

And when you understand those perceptions, you then can find your breakthroughs … and they are exciting … they have velocity and momentum in them … and that is exactly what Episode 28 of TVTY cast will ignite in you, with Karl Stedman and Rosemary Singh.

“The power of understanding that when people tell you what you can and can’t do has to do with them, not you, are so vital.  And understand that you also invited that feedback and ask yourself why. Let’s look at that context and begin to shift that, because that is where we can make the difference. All the difference in the world … In ourselves”.

Go get yourself a healthy dose of velocity and momentum with Karl and Rosemary in Episode 28 of TVTY cast and use the energy to propel you to the next level of your being here on this Earth.  Refine the definition of your perception to your purpose.

Peace, Love and Om,