The Artist Endeavors: Poetry by Diane Maietta

“Poetry teaches the enormous force of a few words, and, in proportion to the inspiration, checks loquacity.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson, Parnasus, 1874.

While you are keeping your loquacity in check, let the enormous power of artistic expression release you of the bondage of your self-control…and dream, dream, dream your world into being.

The Artist is the beauty and vitality of Life.

Photo by Francisco Ghisletti

Photo by Francisco Ghisletti

The Artist Endeavors

If the speech is picturesque,

Then he’s spoken his soul—

If your imagination’s freed,

Then Love’s gained control—

If she’s under your skin,

She’s crept into your mind—

If he has touched your emotions,

He has touched humankind,

For this is the purpose;

This is the reason to write,

This is the unending longing

That wakes her at night:

The galaxies of time with every

Color that he sees…

The sweet dreams, the sweaty nightmares

Are her agencies.

For the artist is born from cosmic benediction;

Over all the Earth having full jurisdiction;

The forte of their words

Reach for perpetual birth,

And the museums hold countless

Portraits of their worth.

The music and lyrics define

The signs of their times…

Please, dance with them, and breathe in

the ether of their rhymes,

For when Divinity speaks

To the heat of your soul,

The artist endeavors to release

Your self-control.

First Rights.

Copyright, 1989, by Diane M. Maietta.  All Rights Reserved.