I Am Born: Poetry by Diane Maietta

Choose to be the hero of your own life, no matter what anybody else may think or try to tell you how your life should be.

You are a miracle: The Earth is the dust of your body; the electric magnetism of the Universe is your source.

You are a thought that was conceived in the expression of Love.  There is where you were first born.

What is your power within?

Photo by Mark Basarab

Photo by Mark Basarab

I am Born

I left it all behind—

The sorrow; the doubt; the fear…

A split-second divided with a stunning stroke

Of lightning fracturing the taboo

Sentiment of tainted fate—

I saw my Self in union

With the Cosmic Consciousness

Of Mother & Father…

The kismet of their artful perfume,

Delicate and robust, clothed my spirit

In the glamorous skin of primal lust—

Her mouth-watering kisses

Baptizing and blessing every seed

And grain of dust that

Reflected His love—

I danced and laughed

At Their becoming One

In me and all through me.

--All of me—

Creating my living soul of

Epicurean Erotic, where the mythic may become real.

And I am born

As the embodiment of Love…

I left it all behind—

The sorrow; the doubt; the fear…

I am born.

First Rights.

Copyright 17 June 2007 by Diane M Maietta.  All Rights Reserved.