Pour Me Courage: Pod Notes on TVTY Cast Episode 26

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Pour Me Courage

Getting Real; Getting It Straight

“Intention is made powerful by the removal of doubts, fears, and inhibitions.  With the removal of negativity, dynamic forces are unloosed, so that what were once impossible dreams now become actualized goals.” – David R. Hawkins  

Crossing from a negative to a positive requires knowing and owning the truth about a thing. (What are you pouring into you?)

You face, you cope, you handle … You become empowered with your courage, and the power to see the truth inside of yourself – not outside of your being.  

Sometimes, suddenly, life kicks us out the door and over the cliff because it knows better than we do that it is time for us to change our surroundings and people in our living and learn to fly on the power of our own strengths. (What are you pouring into you?)

What others, outside of you, may view as a failure is really your opportunity to grow and be true to yourself. For as Molly Trotter says,

“When I look at things in my life, I don't see anything as a failure. I see it as a lesson and when it comes to that a lot of people can see different kinds of lessons in various ways, right?”  

Pour that into you as you relax for an hour to listen to the podcast of TVTY cast Episode 26 with host Karl Stedman and his guest entrepreneur, marketer, consultant and nutrition & fitness coach, Molly Trotter.     

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Molly is a woman of courage, passion, drive, truth, inspiration, growth, and strength both on the inside and outside of her being.  

With her background in broadcast journalism and her love of athletics, health and fitness she is a strong speaker of pouring love, courage and the graces of self-knowing and ownership into all that she does and creates, physically, mentally and spiritually.

In Episode 26 of TVTY cast, Molly Trotter will lead you along the path of her corporate world/news anchor foundation, to her light-the-news-world-on-fire transformational, personal and photographic testimony to the rare and outstanding results in her body, to her getting fired from her television job, to forming her own consulting business, Take Charge Coaching, which utilizes her expertise in branding and social media marketing, personal health & fitness online coaching, network marketing a nutrition line, and creating wealth via foreign currency trading.

But Molly’s fire is her voice—her voice she uses to “fight for the underdog, where if the underdog can’t really speak for themselves, because of whatever reason”, she aims to be able to give them a voice”.  

“It really just boils back down to you. What do you do to pour into yourself when nobody's looking—because whatever you do in the dark will come to the light, eventually. So, if you're not taking care of yourself behind closed doors ‘in the dark’ when nobody's looking—that's going to show in the light. (That means) you don't have your stuff together…you don't. But, if you do what you need to do for you, it’s going to push you forward, and that’s what I knew-- it's not about what people can see …  it’s about what people don't see … and it was hard I mean there was just a lot of struggle”

Ask yourself, what influences, and inspirations are you pouring into you? What are you feeding your self-respect and determination?  What are you feeding your heart, for as Molly Trotter says,

“Living a scared life will give you nothing…If you know you’re destined to help others, don't be so attached on what it looks like ever because it can always change. Be connected to the vision and the mission.  Don't care so much about what people think... and really dive deep on what's your mission”.

Molly is a woman of great determination fueled by a purpose to create emotional, spiritual, physical and financial wealth for those she holds dear, and those under which she may light the fire of personal courage.

Episode 26 of TVTY cast you will pour into you and inspire you…because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Peace, Love and Om,


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Diane Maietta

Self-described as a free-spirit of courage, love, and compassion, Diane Maietta was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in the neighboring small town of Apollo, PA. She has received a citation from the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives in honor of her poetic voice and is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the East, 24th Edition. You may find her artwork at her website: https://diane-maietta.pixels.com/ and her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dianemaietta/