Aim High and Dive Deep: Pod Notes on TVTY Cast Episode 20

Aim High and Dive Deep
Mindset Lessons for Your Soul

You know how you have those deeply intimate, life meaning conversations with one of your warmest friends, and just the spiritual wisdom you two exchange in the course of one short hour lifts your personal empowerment even higher?

OK, so I know I just described the golden-voiced, TVTY cast vibes of our main man, Karl Stedman, here at PSTV podcasts—but trust me, Episode #20 with online marketing and branding specialist, Ashley Hann, is a conversation that will lead you to aim high for yourself while diving deep with wisdom into the fires of your motivation.

To be successful in life—in anything we do, whether it is work, business or pleasure, we must learn to bring the chaotic into structure.  That’s just the nature of Life: the order within chaos.

“It’s all about balance. It’s all about creating a healthy balance”, said Ashley when she talked of going from the chaos of the messiness of working in a start-up, fresh out of college, and then later, into the stark structure of working in the corporate world.  

Creatives don’t do well in pigeon holes, and entrepreneurship is about melding the proliferation of a creative’s ideas into a structure that works and flows, while at the same time accentuating the talents of each creative that makes the structure run. 


That is getting into the flow; that is when you may find yourself at those “divine moments” where we may be ushered into just the right place, at just the right moment where we should be to have the “push we need to get it done”.  And that is the inspirational story Ashley shares in Episode #20 of how she finally completed writing her first book.


We don’t need to be perfect to get started in what we want to accomplish.  In fact, we should embrace the imperfections we have when we get started because those are still our growing pains—they never go away, but their rewards are lifesavers of deep, soulful inspirations that become branded on our Souls.  


Do what makes you uncomfortable, and you will grow.


Ashley Hann believes we should focus on reframing our difficulties by “transforming a burden into a blessing”, and we can do that with every, single thing in our lives.  


 “I always say, ‘Only look back to see how far you’ve come.’”. 


We should all be conscious of the stories we are choosing to write about ourselves each day because the choice is what we do have.  Our minds trick us into believing the negative thoughts we feed into ourselves, and usually, the trap that is hardest to get out of is the one woven of the negative words we say over and over to ourselves: “I can’t succeed because, yadda, yadda…”, “I can’t get started because of yadda, yadda…”.


But ask yourself this, is it that you can’t or because you don’t want to? 

Photo by David Travis

Photo by David Travis

Can’t is your clue to your determination and problem-solving challenge; don’t want to is your clue to your evolutional challenge.  Aim high and dive deep.


Remember, the map is not the territory.


Some Ashley take-aways for you:

“Learn to laugh at yourself and be relatable.”

“The #1 thing you must commit to is letting go of perfection.”

“If I don’t see my Self, I’m being inauthentic.  For me, it all starts with Self Love.”

“Once I do love, embrace, accept and truly love and own my worth, then I am going to be freakin’ powerful, and then yes, people will see me, because I see my Self.  If I don’t see my Self, I’m being inauthentic.  For me, it all starts with Self Love.”

Let me leave you with this: As long as you are still breathing, you are never without the opportunity to grow, whether you wish to aim high or dive deep.


Whatever your apprehension is, accept the challenge and bring your greatest strengths forward from the inside out and lead yourself and others via your best and truest Self.   That is what Ashley Hann does, and that is who she is.

Peace, Love, and Om,


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Diane Maietta

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