Reading With A Purpose: By Diane Maietta

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My University of Spirit and Soul.

“The entire universe is a university.  Everything and everybody is a professor to us.   We constantly learn from everybody and everything. We learn even more through pain than through pleasure. Whether we want it to or not, the world will give us the experiences we need and make us grow.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda, 1987.

I once commented to someone that at times I feel as if I am a question without an answer, to which he replied, “To be the question without an answer is the meaning of life”.

I felt as if he had lit a fire all around me—one that was like the halo of the universe, and humble gratitude filled me.  The friends who deliver to you a piece of truth you may have forgotten, with just a casual reply in the comfort of relaxed conversation are blessings, indeed.

Photo by Casey Horner

Photo by Casey Horner

Not long after he commented this to me, I remembered a poem I had written many years previous, when I was just getting out on my own, hoping that Life would always lead me to greater lessons at the completion of the various cycles and turning points that lay ahead of me.  

And in that, Life has never let me down…for my lessons have been both joyously compassionate and chaotically cruel.

“Let there ever be a question to which answers allude / In the rustle of suggestions

and timely magnitude” is how I ended the little poem I had written when I was just 21-years old: meeting a new Me created out of emotional upheaval at the end of my father’s life…and yet, asking that the life ahead of me always be the question to which answers allude…ask and ye shall receive, I did.

And what a blessing my life has been…because I have learned what it is that I hold onto to get me through the days and nights when I am called to learn through what has been put before me with the people and surroundings of my life.

And what I see is this Universe we are all the particles of.  Always aware that the Source doesn’t need us—but oh, to be wanted by It, as it holds everything we are in balance, just like the Sun.

Let that be my teacher.


I will never be at my learning’s completion until my life here is through.  But within the chambers of my heart are the beginnings, the middles and the endings.  Growth, while at many episodes is difficult, always has its soul-lessons to deliver.  I pray my Spirit and Soul are good students, and in turn a positive influence on others with my words as they flow through my hands.

The tipping scales of my personal power know both the evil and the goodness of this world. Within the eye of the storms of the order within chaos, is my sweet-spot of meditation: There, the sounds of silence vibrate the music that is uniquely me…and I flow along the strings as they play my heart.  

There, is the Universe within.

My miracle grow is the wisdom of the source and inspiration of the celestial lands above me that I see—the Universal Code—To me, it is the law of Love.

It is literary elegance.   

And riding the give & take of the ebb and flow of the Moon dancing with the Sun through the months and years of my life, I try to move more gracefully along the paths I choose to travel.  Seeking to be ever more aware of the falling too far left, or the falling too far right—let me stand straight; let me bend with the wind.

Endings always have beginnings—that is the nature of the cycle of life.  We reach completions and start again, learning to balance…learning to be in authorship of our choices in living each day—neither too good nor too bad, but somewhere just right…being aware of the energies we give, take and create in this universe of university.

Peace, Love and OM,


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Diane Maietta

Self-described as a free-spirit of courage, love, and compassion, Diane Maietta was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in the neighboring small town of Apollo, PA. She has received a citation from the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives in honor of her poetic voice and is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the East, 24th Edition. You may find her artwork at her website: and her Instagram: