Reach for the stars

What do you enjoy? A cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters day? The sound of laughter echoing down the hallway as your kids play hide-&-go-seek? The feeling of warmth spreading through you as your loved one says “I love you?”

These are the things that make life worth living… The little moments that lead to bigger ones.  That’s what Asha Mankowska, a Forbes recognized business coach, bestselling author, and keynote speaker at Harvard as well as other prestigious universities,  teaches us in episode #23 of the TVTY cast, to follow the little moments, enjoy them and to be open to where life will lead you.

“As long as you believe strongly in yourself and have that faith that it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.  Is it going to be challenging and a bumpy ride? Absolutely, yes.  Is it going to be worth it? Absolutely, yes,” said Mankowska.

That truly is the nature of being a modern-day entrepreneur.  Taking a leap into the unknown, riding out the bumps and reaching for the stars.

Mankowska, a Polish immigrant, took a jump into the unknown at the age of 18-19, and began building three businesses.  

“When I moved to the U.S. I moved here by myself. That was another risk taking ability I have of adventurousness and boldness…. Don’t be afraid to be this way in life,” said Mankowska as she shared her story to success in episode #23 of the TVTY cast.  “I wanted to design my business around my life. I wanted to design my life on my own terms… If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Mankowska further explained how businesses are fairly easy once you understand what levers the push and pull, how to grow and how to scale, what components have to be there and what is missing.  “Sometimes I feel like the Sherlock Holmes of coaching,” said Mankowska.

If anything, take this away from Mankowska:

1. Try. You never know what you will achieve. If you don’t try, you could be missing out on the life you would be most passionate about… So, what do you have to lose?

2. Be open to meeting new people and new opportunities.

3. Be the most authentic self you can be.

Let me leave you with these simple words….. Reach for the stars.  Life can be strange but it is amazing and beautiful.  Embrace the strange and ordinary madness that is life and let it take you down the road to being your most authentic self.

That’s what Asha Mankowska has done since she was a young girl amongst the rolling hills of Poland and trying to reach for the stars.

As always,

Blue Marie Balcita

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Blue Marie Balcita

Blue Marie Balcita has published five books and has been a contributor to three more books. She has an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Feather River College and is working on her second AA in Liberal Arts from Lake Tahoe Community College. Balcita is also a reporter/contributor to the Tahoe Daily Tribune and a columnist for South Tahoe Now. She also is the student news editor at Lake Tahoe Community College and founded their student newspaper, the 1974.