Amorous Archaeology: Poetry By Diane Maietta

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Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Eberhard Grossgasteiger

 Amorous Archaeology

 If the Universe is a finite land,

Then by the mere right of one’s birth

Love’s suspended in animate sand.

But tell me, who controls the hour-glass

If it’s neither broken nor made…

Are we always attending the mass?

Is there emotional evolution, 

And if so, is Creation the

Nucleus of its own revolutions?

Are we intrinsic essence of humankind

With singularity voided;

Are we the edgeless edges of some master-mind?

If it’s true life is insurmountable,

The sky’s a terminal mirror—

The Spirit’s allure is redoubtable…

Maybe judgment day is everyday…

Maybe by actions, we always

Are subconsciously kneeling to pray.


First Rights.

Copyright, 1988, by Diane M. Maietta.  All Rights Reserved.

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Diane Maietta

Self-described as a free-spirit of courage, love, and compassion, Diane Maietta was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in the neighboring small town of Apollo, PA. She has received a citation from the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives in honor of her poetic voice and is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the East, 24th Edition. You may find her artwork at her website: and her Instagram: