Japan's Soccer Team Maintains Positivity In Defeat

Japan’s soccer team showed exceptional positivity and sportsmanship after their team was knocked out of the world cup. Following their defeat, the Japanese team returned to the locker room.


Today reported, when Russian officials came to the locker room after the Japanese team had left, they found the locker room spotless. The Japanese team had taken the time to clean everything to perfection even after their defeat. The only item left in the locker room was a note that said “Spasibo”, meaning thank you in Russian.

This attitude extended past the Japanese team and even to the soccer fans. Japanese fans were seen staying after the game to pick up trash in the bleachers. Moments before they were crying over their teams heart crushing defeat.

© Tancredi Palmeri

© Tancredi Palmeri

The Japanese fans and team exemplify maintaining positivity even in the face of adversity. Often times, this is when maintaining a positive outlook on like can be the most helpful. Not only are they a great example, but they inspire people to replicate their behavior. What can you do to show gratitude and respect to the people around you?