The Impact Of Paying It Forward

Have you ever had someone pay it forward? Whether someone left you a kind note, a stranger helped you pick up fallen papers or the person in front of you paid for your coffee, small actions like these can change your day.

In the case of Nicole Clawson, this is exactly what happened. The Huffington Post reported, Mackenzie Mauller bought coffee for the person behind her. It turns out that person was Nicole Clawsom. Nicole had a few rough months and decided to treat her children to Starbucks. When she found out her coffee was paid for, she cried.


Neither of them knew it, but they lived a few doors down from each other. Nicole realized that it's rare for someone who pays it forward to see the results of their actions.

When Nicole noticed this, her and her kids wrote thank you letters to Nicole explaining how it turned her day around.


Little actions like buying the person behind you coffee often have larger implications than we realize. These actions can change the trajectory of people’s days and even better it, it can spread out from there to the people they interact with after your kind actions. Nicole sent positivity back to Mackenzie, in turn she had a more positive day in general and that affected her kids, their loved ones and possibly total strangers.

This is what we mean by starting the chain reaction of positivity, and it’s one of the main reasons we founded this company.

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