Teen Finds $10,000 Cash and Returns It All To Rightful Owner

A Santa Barabra teen could have made out like a thief after stumbling upon $10,000 cash that he found on his way home from school last week.


Rhami Zeini, a 16-year-old junior in high school, was driving home when he noticed a purse lying in the road. He picked it up to unknowingly find the large sum of money inside. After an unsuccessful attempt to find the phone number of the original owner, Zeini and his parents brought the bag to their local sheriff's department where an officer was able to reach the rightful owner.

The Santa Barabara Sheriff's Office commended Zeini over Twitter and Facebook for being "a great example of doing the right thing even when no one is watching."

© SB Sheriff's Office

© SB Sheriff's Office

The owner was so grateful that her money was returned in full that she rewarded the teen by giving him $100 of the cash for his good deed. Rhami said he was just doing what he would want someone else to do if he lost something valuable.

It’s stories like these that make you believe that some good deeds do go unpunished.

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