Innovative Grocery Stores Solve Local Problems

There is a new trend in grocery stores lately. People are moving away from the large supermarkets as they get pinched by online food deliveries and discount groceries. Small markets are opening up around the country that aim to help their local communities.


The New York Times wrote an article about DMG Foods, The Salvation Army’s first-ever grocery store. DMG stands for Doing More Good and that’s just what this supermarket aims to do.

The Salvation Army created DMG foods to give their community a better option for buying groceries. Many folks in the neighborhood buy food everyday at a grocery store a half-mile away or go to fast food restaurants nearby. DMG’s goal isn’t to make money, it’s to give a community the ability to get fresh food daily at low prices.


Small grocery stores like this allow for grocers to solve neighborhood problems. Big supermarket giants cannot put a megastore tailored to each community, but small grocers can identify local needs and fulfill them.

The impacts of local businesses solving local problems is huge. As DMG Foods continues to provide the community with inexpensive, convenient and fresh foods, customers’ heath should improve. And when people move towards a healthier life they also become happier and have more energy.

Once again, positivity spreads in interesting ways.

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