Grow beyond what you think the people of the world expect of you—Become the answer to your questions…and keep asking the questions.


The Question

It’s a deeper question now—

Time has added so much to be answered—

The space between the past and present

Has flooded and drifted wider.

What will be has a wiser sense 

Of purpose to it, where once, 

It spoke to me of its dues 

I would have to pay…

…Yet, my shadow comes closer to Light.


Life gave me love and then took it away,

But Love gave me more than anything,

And it stayed within my Soul 

Dreaming more contemplations

Than the weight of the World could uphold…

…Desires too strong for gravity to restrain.


There are moments when I can feel myself fly,

And those where I learn the unconditional grace 

Of God’s jury—

Where once my heart had been so heavy

I have learned peace in solitude

And mercy upon myself in learning how to forgive.


I choose to seek that which I cannot see. 

I choose to learn that which I do not know.

I choose to rise…

To the challenges.  


The seasons always change,

And time always brings something new

To be answered…

There is always the yet to be written story

In the greatest story that has ever been told…

And it is a deeper question, now,

And I am the answer.


First Rights.

Copyright 15 December 2018 by Diane M. Maietta.  All Rights Reserved. 

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Diane Maietta

Self-described as a free-spirit of courage, love, and compassion, Diane Maietta was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in the neighboring small town of Apollo, PA. She has received a citation from the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives in honor of her poetic voice and is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the East, 24th Edition. You may find her artwork at her website: and her Instagram: