Why Balance is Bullshit: Deep Dive into Jason Sisneros' Podcast Part II

Our first podcast guest, Jason Sisneros, is an incredible human being. He is a man who went from growing up protecting his mom from an abusive father to being stabbed during drug deals to working with Tony Robbins and fighting sex trafficking. One of our favorite talking points during TVTY Cast #001 was Jason’s take on balance, and why it’s bullshit.

First off, it is worth noting that over the past few years balance has become a buzzword. People are constantly striving for “balance”. We follow the idea of balance because we believe it leads to happiness or reduces our stress. According to Jason, this just isn’t true.

Jason believes that balance is bullshit and impossible. We are constantly pulled into different directions during our day that disrupt any semblance of balance in our lives. Our kids may be sick and we have to pick them up or an emergency at work happens and it changes your plans completely. Balance exists in a constant world, but the world is anything but constant.

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On top of that, balance almost never leads to success. We follow our passions and that time we sink into them is what makes us successful with those passions. Life is much more a balance of one extreme from another. Maybe for a month or a few weeks we dive deep into work, but then are pulled back by family and friends to be focused into that. In many ways, balance often brings to mind the phrase “the man who chases two rabbits, catches none.” In many ways life is more of a balancing act from one focus to another rather than a constant split focus on multiple things.

What do you think about balance? Do you think it is possible, and if it is possible does it lead to happiness and success or a scatter brained spread out lifestyle? Maybe even a more stressful lifestyle. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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