The Power of Redemption: Deep Dive Into Jason Sisneros' Podcast Part I

Our first podcast guest, Jason Sisneros, is an incredible human being. He is a man who went from growing up protecting his mom from an abusive father and being stabbed during drug deals to working with Tony Robbins and fighting sex trafficking. One element of Jason’s story we wanted to emphasize is that he is a prime example of the power of redemption.

You may be wondering why PSTV, a positive news outlet is even bringing up dark topics like this. We are a positive media company, but that doesn’t mean that we deny reality. The truth is, that every single one of us on this planet has done something bad. We have committed some act that leaves us with guilt, fear, or even anger. It can be something as simple as telling a lie to a loved one or as complex as a murder. Either way, the truth is that none of us are perfect and we have all committed acts that we know are not good.

So what does this have to do with anything? We firmly believe that since we cannot change the past, those actions we committed are unchangeable. They happened. What we can change is what we do in the future, by asking ourselves how can we redeem ourselves? A scary thought, we know. It means we have to accept responsibility for the things we have done and agree to make steps to correct them. We think that is what is so incredible about Jason’s story. It is a powerful redemption story.

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While he may not have asked himself the question of what can he do to make things right, his actions speak much louder than any words I can type on this page. He took his history and his story, and uses it to promote awareness of projects that are truly changing the world such as

But how does this relate to you? Well, we are not saying we should all run out and start charities to make up for the lie we told to our mom last week. What we are saying, is maybe there is a small action we can take to help redeem ourselves. In some way balance the scale for whatever negative we put into the world. If people treated their actions like this, the impact on the world would be huge. It would move in a step forward as people take responsibility for their actions and try to make up their mistakes in the world.

This is just one amazing aspect of Jason’s life and we highly encourage you to check out TVTY Cast #1 to hear more of his amazing story, the projects he is working on, and for inspiration we can all apply to our daily lives. Our podcast with him can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and PSTV’s website. You can also find Jason’s website here.

Thanks for reading everyone and feel free to leave comments below!

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