Life Isn't Fair: Deep Dive Into James Langley's Episode

Our third TVTY Cast guest, James Langley, learned from a young age that life isn’t fair. He shared a story during his episode that goes back to when he was a young teenager and truly learned this lesson (we’re not going to try and retell his story, you’ll just have to listen to it yourself, it’s a great one!)

But while going through this trying time he blamed his mom for the hard time he went through. The morning after, he quickly realized he could not change the life that was given to him, but he could change his attitude. This day forever changed his perspective on experiences and outcomes realizing the things that happen to us are just things that happen. It’s in our best interest to make the most out of them.

Karl, the TVTY Cast host, also made the point that how we perceive thing and how we choose to react to the situations that we’re in are the moments that change our lives.

James Langley Quotes 2a.jpg

While we’ve all gone through hard times and wanted to blame it on something else (whether that be someone else, a higher being, fate or karma) no matter who we’d like to blame it on, these moments of tribulation are what make us who we are and help us grow. And remember, life isn't changing you, you’re changing you.

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