Our Relationship With Lying and Honesty: Deep Dive into Joshua Berglan's Episode

Joshua Berglan, our fourth guest on the TVTY Cast, is using his story and his honesty to improve the lives of people. He wants to talk about the things he went through that others won’t talk about. He wants to talk about abuse, drug addiction, hiding from the world, disease, and much more. His story is truly inspirational.

What I want to talk to you about today is hiding our pain by wearing a mask or lying. It is a topic that Joshua covers in the podcast, and it is something that almost all of us do. In Joshua’s case, he talks about moving through life with a series of masks. He would do everything he could to hide the pain and the confusion that he felt. It wasn’t until a night in jail that Joshua decided to change. He decided to be honest about his story and his struggles. He decided to use his story to show others that we all go through extreme amount of pain.

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Joshua’s honesty is what hits me when I listen to the podcast. Lying about our life and our story is by definition not facing the reality of the situation. When we lie we misconstrue facts to stay away from reality. Even think about a white lie, we are telling a story that didn’t happen in favor of telling that person the truth. That is a small scale action, but the principle is the same. We avoid facing the reality of our situation.

We can all be more honest and vulnerable about the problems we are facing. Lying to ourselves or others is why the first step in Alcoholics Anonymous is to admit that you have a problem. We cant create change without recognizing that we need to change. That being said, it can be terrifying to be honest. We may upset others or even ourselves when we admit what is happening. It is scary to be vulnerable to others and it is scary to accept that we need to change. Being honest about ourselves is still a fear that we have to confront.

What do you think about our take on being honest? Do you think its true or should be tell lies sometimes? Let us know in the comments below.

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