Harvard Study Sheds Light on How to be Happier

According to CNBC, a study at Harvard is shedding some light on a a way for us to improve our happiness. The study, which is one of the longest running at 38 years, is finding that relationships are one of the most important aspects of our overall happiness and satisfaction.

When I say relationships I don’t mean significant others, although they are important too, what I mean is our friends, family and community that surround us on a daily basis. It makes sense that our relationship with our community would have a dramatic impact on our lives and our happiness.

Relationships are an area that we easily overlook when examining our own happiness. We tend to get focused on ourselves, on what we are doing, instead of what we can do for others. We write these articles to try and inspire you to take some time to help people in your day and this study gives hard evidence to the value in that, not just for your happiness but for the happiness of your community.


One problem with this message is it can easily be misunderstood as asking you to build a huge social circle. Fortunately, the article mentions the importance of quality over quantity. While having a huge social circle isn’t a bad thing, having a core group of close friends and family contributes significantly more to your overall happiness.

Think about your life, often times some of our happiest moments are from being in a close social circle with strong connections. That may have been from a sport, a close group of friends, a band, but we all have these moments that bring us unbelievable happiness and memories. For me it was back when I rowed in college, some of the happiest times of my life happened during that period. What stops us from going back to that happiness?


The important take away from this study, is to find what you can do today to help improve your relationships. Just try to pick one person and think of something simple: maybe it’s a phone call, text, or even a small gift to let them know you thought of them. The important part is to take a small step to improve one of your relationships. Over time this daily effort is how we cultivate a strong social circle and spread happiness to the people we care about most.

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