Kobe Bryant Helps Drivers In Car Accident

Last Friday, a driver ran a red light and crashed into a Tesla, damaging both cars. According to FOX news, Kobe Bryant saw the crash and immediately pulled over. He went over to both drivers, ensuring they were okay and nobody was injured.

During the crash, the driver of the Tesla broke his phone. Kobe Bryant offered to use his cell phone to take pictures so they could document the crash. Thankfully, there were no injuries during the car crash and everything after went well.


This story highlights an important point, that we should all take time out of our days to help people in need. If Kobe Bryant, no doubt a busy man, can take time out of his day to make sure people around him are safe or even to offer a helping hand what prevents us from doing the same?

Often we do not help, like Kobe did, due to a few factors. We think someone else will go over and help since there are so many people around us. Ironically, everyone tends to think this way and in turn, no one helps. The second is that we are so caught up in our own schedule that we lose sense of what is important. By being more present and taking initiative to help others we can make the world and ourselves happier.

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