Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants Go Above & Beyond

There are few things worse than a screaming baby on your airplane ride, especially when it’s your own baby.


Danielle Walker, a mom of three, went through this scenario last week when her youngest child, Kezia, a 16-month-old baby girl, had a full-fledged tantrum on their flight home. What was supposed to be an easy evening flight right at bedtime turned into a straight hour of screaming. No matter what Danielle, her husband, sons, or kind neighboring passengers did, Keiza was not happy. Out of frustration and anxiety, Danielle said she even broke down in tears.

But with the graciousness of the flight attendants, Kezia’s screaming is not the only thing Danielle will remember from that flight. The Alaskan Airlines flight crew dropped this handwritten note for Danielle, assuring her that she was not the worst mom just because of one bad flight.

© Danielle Walker’s Instagram (@AgainstAllGrain)

© Danielle Walker’s Instagram (@AgainstAllGrain)

Our team loves to see when people go out of their way to make some one else’s day better, to give them the little bump that they needed to get through a hard time, or just to help dry a tear and put a smile on their face. These are the stories and the people we want to continue to share with you through our blog!

And just like Danielle said on Instagram, “there’s still good in the world”, so go be the good in the world!

See Danielle’s full Instagram post about the note and flight here.

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