Scientists Getting Closer To Reversing Antibiotic Resistance

Super bugs, the bacteria that have become resistant to most or all antibiotics, are increasing in number at a rapid rate. It has been deemed a world health emergency and could kill 300 million people by 2030. That is a terrifying future if our battle against super bugs doesn’t go our way.

Up until now, scientists have had a very difficult time finding new antibiotics. It seems that they’ve created most of them and due to a bacterial gene, NDM-1, the bacteria is becoming resistant even to the most potent antibiotics. This leaves little hope for patients who get an infection from a superbug.


According to Science Alert, our scientists are incredibly resourceful. They have found a molecule that has the potential to reverse the NDM-1 gene. If this works, it will reduce the antibiotics resistance of superbugs by preventing them from releasing the enzyme responsible for antibiotic resistance.

Personally, as someone who had an infection with MRSA, a common form on antibiotic resistance bacteria, this is fantastic news. In what seems to be a hopeless fight according to other news sources, scientists are finding ways to combat the problems facing humanity.

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