Soldier's House Is Robbed, He Gives Away The Money Raised

Luis Ocompo, a National Guardsmen, had his home broken into while helping with Hurricane Florence relief efforts. Luis went to Bern, an area heavily damaged by wind and rain from the storm. When Luis returned from his 10 day trip, he found his house had been looted. They took his TV, video game system, even the food out of his own fridge. That last point hurts particularly bad.

According to Fox, a GoFundMe campaign was launched to help Luis and his family replace the lost items. With the help of Luis’ friend, they raised over $15,000 when their initial goal was $5,000.


Most of us in this situation would have been extremely excited. Luis and his family were obviously happy, but they didn’t want to take advantage of the generosity of the people who helped them when they were in need. They used the $10,000 to help support a fellow soldier who was left homeless from Florence and also gave a portion of it to the Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund.

A truly powerful story. Luis gave his time to help others recover from Florence, and even after a terrible event happened, he still made it a priority to help others in need with what excess he had.

There are many of us in this situation too. Think about your spending. Could you go without a latte for a day, get a black coffee, and use the extra to pay for the person behind you? Or instead of buying something for yourself, use the money for a gift? We can all give back more. Luis is a great example of this.

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