Instagram Takes Steps To Promote Positivity

Instagram is using its platform to combat bullying and spreading positivity. Instagram’s new kindness filter will put positive comments in the backgrounds of your pictures or fill your screen with hearts when you take a selfie. The best part of all, is the filter prompts you to give a shoutout to someone you care about. That is so powerful, think about how nice it feels to get a surprise message from someone you care about.

According to Search Engine Journal, Instagram is also improving its algorithm to better detect negative comments. The AI will flag comments that are suspicious and then have them reviewed by the Instagram team to ensure the comment is negative.


These features are so powerful because of the size of Instagram. By spreading positivity in a filter and shouting out friends they are going to produce a massive increase in happiness. On top of that, cutting back on bullying will have a similar effect. We love the changes they are making at Instagram and hope they will continue implementing changes that make differences in the daily lives of over a billion people.

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