City Pitches In To Get Young Entrepreneur Permit

Huffington Post reported on an awesome story about an industrious young man trying to create a street side hot dog stand. With the help of his uncle, Jaequan Faulkner, age 13, set up a hot dog stand called Mr. Faulkner’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs in front of their house.

The Minneapolis Department of Health received a complaint about the stand during the summer, which would normally force Jaequan to close down his stand. Instead, the Department of Health pitched in $89 to get Jaequan his permit so that the stand could continue to run.

© Huffington Post

© Huffington Post

Jaequan handles 90% of the business while his uncle handles the other 10%. Jaequan has been amazed by the help he has received and his community rallying around the stand. He is thinking about getting a food card so that he can take the hot dog operation on the go.

This is such a great story for a few reasons. The community rallying around an industrious young man and helping him start his projects is amazing. The other thing that I find really inspirational about this article is how it encourages young children to be industrious. It encourages them to try to new things, to take a chance and pursue a goal, and that they will be supported by their community and family. It sets a powerful message and precedent for other children in the neighborhood. Who knows, maybe it inspires the next great businessman.

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